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Tuesday, March 8, 2011

Travel Tuesday: Care to take a trip to Egypt?

My timing could be better, but I couldn't resist making this Tuesday's travel feature about the amazing Adrere Amellal hotel located on the Siwa Lake in Egypt. 200 miles away from the nearest town, the Adrere Amellal is the ultimate get-away-from-it-all hideaway. Not only is it steeped in luxury (take a look at the pool), but it lives up to its eco-friendly status in every way possible. First of all, every bite of food is both organic and local. Second, there is no electricity, so the hotel relies on beeswax candles and the night sky for illumination. And finally, the hotel is made entirely of indigenous and natural resources and is designed in the traditional style of the region. Not only does this amount to little environmental impact, but it also makes the hotel appear as though it literally grows out of the surrounding sand dunes. Local attractions include vibrant markets, breathtaking salt lakes, and the ancient Shali Fortress. Take a look and try not to drool...

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